Dr Koh Poh Koon and the case of the Red Jungle Fowl

When you thought the saga of AVA culling of chickens after some idiot complained was almost over, Dr Koh Poh Koon of the how-to-use-trolley-ah incident revived this topic by saying:

The chickens in Sin Ming, and in most of our urban settings, are highly unlikely to be of native stock and are therefore different from our indigenous breed of red junglefowl, which is an endangered species known to occur only in Pulau Ubin and the Western Catchment area.

They were brought in by humans at some point, perhaps to be raised as pets

Even better still, Dr Koh said the chickens could not be relocated because we shouldn’t screw up the genetics of the native species of red jungle fowl.

Red Jungle fowl and chicken ava culling

Hello, a species has a better chance of survival via inter-breeding than inbreeding.

Anyway, Louis Ng, self-proclaimed animal defender and part-time odd job freelancer, didn’t buy the location-is-key argument, telling Dr Koh in parl-speak not to bullshit:

I have seen the photos of the chickens or some of them at Sin Ming, they are indeed the red jungle fowl.

There are two birds there, the domestic chickens and the red jungle fowl.

Just to clarify because AVA had mentioned earlier that the free ranging chickens seen on mainland Singapore are not the red jungle fowl.

That statement is inaccurate.”

Dr Koh swiftly deflected faster than you can say “Koon-by-the-wind” back to AVA:

As to whether the birds that were running around are the red jungle fowl or just the foreign species, I think AVA will have to conduct genetic studies to determine or maybe get the experts to ascertain.

So I think this is the point that is difficult for us to ascertain the truth just by speaking like this in this House.”

Like that might as well don’t say anything because you haven’t even confirmed the chicken before egging yourself in the face.

Red jungle fowl


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