Surbana and the case of the “poor” performers

Surbana CEO had a blast of a time airing his alpha male personality in an email condemning a group of retrenched staff as “poor performers”.

This is what Mr Wong Heang I-am-so-Fine said:

“How can we be the best in class and build a great organisation when employees are not concerned with how they are performing relative to their peers?

More importantly, for those of us who want to do great things, why should our rewards be affected by a small group of colleagues who don’t care about how their poor performance affects our performance negatively?

We cannot allow our 1 per cent of poor performers to continue to affect the rest of the 99 per cent of staff who are performing.”


What he meant:

I don’t like managing you morons so get the hell out of here. And by the way, I’m gonna tell everyone it’s all your fault because (tosses head) I am so Fine.


Well… A public rebuke just invites another, from no less than Mr Upturn the Downturn himself, who said:

“I do not find it acceptable. If the performance of employees are not up to mark, there could be contributing factors on the part of employers as well.

Yes, it may be a poor performance in one organisation. But it does not mean that a person cannot do well in other places.”

Aka… don’t be a dick. 


Surbana released a statement yesterday:

“We have resolved the matter fairly and amicably with the unions. We are currently reviewing our performance management processes to improve the system, including communicating with our employees more frequently.”


Surbana, you really kena, why didn’t you do this in the first place and save yourself a bit of face?

If you’re sorry about bad-mouthing your staff to the whole world, say so lah!


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