Chan Chun Sing and the case of Madam President

In what is being termed as a Freudian slip, Kee Chiu Chan Chun Sing addressed Speaker Halimah Yacob as “Madam President”.

Image from sgag

Imagine LHL saying: Hello, it’s “Madam Speaker”!! WTF are you doing?

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Kee Chiu’s rooting for Halimah, after all both are from the NTUC yes?

But I wouldn’t go so far as to conclude she’ll be President, just look at what happened to the last person to be (almost) called Madam President.

Image from Time

Both Hillary and Halimah have the support of the unions behind them, and could be the first female presidents.

This will only happen IF Halimah even makes the cutoff of managing an organisation worth at least half a freaking billion dollars in shareholders capital).

Was it a slip of the tongue, or a deliberate inception?

Imagine, with just 2 words (or 1 word since it’s same word “President”), Kee Chiu single-handedly created an online storm AND marked Halimah as first to come to your mind when thinking of a potential Malay Presidential candidate.

Now that’s some freaking serious productive shit.


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